My Teachers

ALBERTO VILLOLDO Phd. – From 2002  

I studied with the Four Winds Society and completed the Healing the Light Body in 2005 becoming a senior teacher soon after.

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I had my first jungle medicine experience with this gentle though assertive herbalist. After many sessions with him we realized that we are a great team. Him giving the medicine and chanting healing songs and me helping people understand their experiences and how those relate to their day to day life-. Together we have lead journeys for dozens of people.



MAESTRO EDINSON PANDURO  From 2003 through 2013 

For a decade I worked very close with this fierce warrior of the jungle.
“To be an effective healer you have to learn sorcery, not that you’ll use it to harm, but to be able to undo it” he emphasized many times.
With his help I cleared deep personal karma and also brought him my most difficult clients.






Q’ERO SHAMANS – From 2003

When I was 20 years old I traveled from Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu via the Sacred Valley and Cuzco, where I fell in love with a weaving sold to me by an old indigenous woman. Twelve years later I discovered that it was made by women from the holy Mt. Ausangate-. At that time I began my journey through the Medicine Wheel with the Four Winds and got to build my own altar – a collection of meaningful stones I wrapped in that very same cloth –just as medicine women have done since ancient times.
Every year I return to the sacred lands of the Inka shamans guiding our students to build their own stone altars.



LUZCLARA CAMUS – From 2004  

As soon as Luzclara and I met we understood that we needed to work together. I was creative and enthusiastic and she was wise and experienced. Since then we have lead several women’s journeys to Chile together and I am beyond grateful for what she has taught me. In November 2014 Luzclara initiated me as a Sweat Lodge leader from her Lakota lineage (she was initiated by Sun Bear).








Machi Clorinda Blanco  From 2006 until 2016 

When I arrived for the first time at Machi’s home she said: “In my dreams they are teaching me English. They taught me the word “yes” and the word “power” among others. What do these words mean? I know they have to do with you”. Since then I have lead several groups of women from all over the world to work with her. In April of 2014 she initiated me as a medicine woman in a five days ceremony involving the rooting of my own “rewe” –a four meters long pole made out of an oak tree with steps to heaven-. This means that she gave me my own altar to connect Earth with Heaven.




SHIPIBO-KONIBO WOMEN  From 2012 to present 

After ten years of working with male jungle shamans I felt a strong call to meet the female keepers of the medicine. The places these medicine women took my consciousness with their divine voices were unprecedented. Since then I invite them to all the medicine journeys I lead to the Amazon.









My husband Alberto met Geshe in 2011 during a private interview with His Holiness Gyalwa Menri Trizin, the spiritual head of the Tibetan Bon religion. Geshe Shenpen was raised by His Holiness since age five when his father left him at the Menri Monastery in India to be educated. At age fifteen Geshe joined the Bon Dialectic School where he studied philosophy, Tibetan grammar, poetry, astrology, astronomy and Tibetan medicine earning a PhD in 2004.
Alberto introduced me to Geshe during our journey to Nepal and in December of 2015 he became a part time resident at our retreat Los Lobos in Chile. Immediately after he began teaching our community, and in February of 2015 we agreed to dedicate a Bon Monastery in our land of which he became the official Abbott.




LAMA TSULTRIM ALLIONE  In May 2014 I did a two week resident course on the Mandala of the five Wisdom Dakinis or Sky Dancers. 

We worked on transforming obstructed, negative patterns into their corresponding wisdom energy. Lama Tsultrim is the founder and resident lama of Tara Mandala. She is author of Women of Wisdom and Feeding Your Demons. At the age of 22 she was the first American to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun in the Karma Kagyu lineage (by H.H. the 16th Karmapa).







ROSHI JOAN HALIFAX – In October 2014 

I joined her and a few friends in a three weeks pilgrimage to the kingdom of Mustang in Nepal. Before we met she wrote to us: “We follow the ancient trade route between Tibet and India. The landscape is rugged and raw. The villages we visit have changed little in a thousand years, but are now vulnerable to the outside world. We go in the spirit of practice and service. Harmony in our community is essential, as we move through this ancient landscape. As a base, we practice the Three Tenets of the Peacemaker Order of "Not knowing, Bearing witness, and Compassionate action. Going to Mustang is a kind of plunge into the unknown. '





ILEIN KUYMIN  From November 2014  

Ilein’s voice is deep like the Earth and vast like the sky. From the first moment I heard her sing, I knew that she could teach me how to express my being more wholly and boldly. She has empowered me to find medicine in my own voice.





Monika Nataraj  From 2014

When I first experienced a belly dance class with Monika at the Omega Institute, I became quickly delighted. I sensed that she was guiding us to move way beyond our hips, knees, and boobies. She was inviting us to shake our hearts, and souls. Monika and I felt an immediate curiosity and connection about each other, and in 2016 she came to my Women’s Medicine Journey in Chile to share her dance and tantric wisdom. After such an ecstatic encounter, we offered a twelve day pilgrimage in 2018, where Monika taught the Ten Mahavidyas or the ten Wisdom Powers of the Goddess from the tantric tradition, while I offered complementary shamanic rituals. Though I have been a student of Monika in formal classrooms, I have mostly learned from her highly charming, witty, spirited and awakened presence.

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