"When I began my studies with Four Winds HLB School I asked for a mentor/teacher with whom to work on my personal healing as well as my studies. I was fortunate to be assigned to Marcela. During the course of my work with her I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The work around this was some of the most significant of my life, and certainly life changing. Sometime after my original diagnosis a mass was discovered which the surgeon diagnosed as a malignant neoplasty. Surgery was scheduled for the following week. I immediately contacted Marcela. She worked intensely both with me over the phone and separately from me during the night, she being in Hawaii and me in PA. During the work I was aware of the sensation of energy traveling from my chest out of my physical body and a sensation of lightness the next day. When I returned to the hospital on the day the surgery was scheduled for, tests were performed to determine the size and exact location of the mass. At this time, just days after the original diagnosis, there was NO EVIDENCE OF ANY TUMOR. I am still experiencing the wonder of such a healing and it has been transformative in my life. Words cannot adequately express what my experience has been, and how profoundly it has affected my life. My deepest love and gratitude go to Marcela for what she has taught me, and for the experience of being her sister." 

With my deepest gratitude and Love,

Jan Quigley


"Thank you so much for everything Marcela. The trip for me was really so phenomenal and transformative. Thank you for all of your encouragement and love and extra special care. I felt so taken care of and listened to and it was such an amazing experience. You are such a bad-ass fierce loving brilliant woman and I am so glad I got to know you better this trip. I look forward to crossing paths again soon I hope!"

Becca Kannapell, New York, NY

Attended the Amazon journey July 2013



"I thank you so much for the great experiences in Peru! It was a real dream journey.  

All I learned the last month has come deeper now, even the fire ceremonies are different, everything is filled with more power and live. I am so deeply grateful! Peru filled me with power, grace and stillness. I feel the Amazon and Andes pulsing in me every moment. And at the same time, I feel more settled here where I live.

Thank You! Thanks to every one of your staff! And thanks to Alberto for bringing all this to us!"

AF from Germany


Dear Marcela,

"So much gratitude for the One Spirit Amazon journey.  The transformation and healing I experienced is hard to describe, but if I had to choose only one word - it would be ALIVE.  The vibrant green jungle is lush and so full of consciousness aliveness - if that is a word! The trees, the plants, the birds, the bugs, the animals - the air and more.  The shamanic journeys allow ed me to face the death of my previous life, and then rebirth me - sparking me with the spirit of feeling so ALIVE!.  

Another word integral to the One Spirit Amazon journey would be Ayni -  the entire experience really gave me a better sense of true Ayni, what it is, what it is not - and how I can better be in Ayni.  Our medicine journeys  infused with the incredible icaros of the Shipibo healers, and orchestrated beautifully by you, were woven into such a warm, safe, communal environment - allowing us to safely explore and witness our shadows and the vast universe.  From this place,  I feel my essence  free from the tyranny of my mind and ego - and I am experiencing such an incredible sense of peace, and love - bringing much more heart into every moment, action, thought and deed.  I feel so much closer to my essence - the Hummingbird and journey of the North has really taken form...............and my essence is ready to soar!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!"

Karen Weismantle, MD. 

Atended the One Spirit Amazon Journey in April 2014


Thank you Marcela! You brought in the Goddess, and I tasted ecstasy. You are a genuine wisdom keeper of the sacred feminine lineage and you are so generous in bringing the wisdom of indigenous cultures of the world to us. May you be blessed by the goddess as you fulfill your destiny and give the 13 Munay ki rite to the world. May the sacred and loving spirit of the Goddess fill you, fulfill you, accompany you, and guide you. And so it is. 

Liliana Hoyos-Murray Originally from Colombia, lives in New York Atended The Woman’s Altar at Kripalu, October 2014.

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